Rush App Overview

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018 10:23AM EST

We have a brand new app to enjoy Rush on! This new app has most of the old content from the previous app with a new design and layout. Please refer to the steps below going through the new parts of the app.


The new app now has 4 tabs at the bottom: Home, On-Demand, Favorites, and More.


When you first open the app, you will start at the Home tab. The Home tab includes the most recent video of Rush's show or the live show if he is on at the very top. If you scroll down you will see more content that includes:


  1. Top Transcripts
  2. Featured Stories
  3. Latest Audio
  4. Fastest Week in Media.


The next tab is the On-Demand tab. Similar to the Home tab, this page has the most recent video of Rush's show or the live show at the top of the screen. Right underneath is the Search Bar. This can be used to quickly search for previous videos or audio dates. Scrolling down will show off sections of Rush's content including:


  1. Free Videos
  2. Dittocam
  3. Audio
  4. Audio Clips
  5. Video Clips
  6. Morning Update
  7. Parodies


To the right of each section is the See All button. Pressing this will open a new screen that shows off all of the previous content of that specific section.


The Favorites tab stores all the content from the app that you have favorited. When you open any transcript, audio, or video the tabs at the bottom will be replaced with the Rush 24/7 logo, a share button, and a bookmark icon. By pressing the bookmark icon all the way to the right, you can save the current content to the Favorites tab.


The More tab is mostly for account login or settings. At the top will be a Log In and a Sign Up button. If you are already logged in, it will simply great you "Dittos" followed by your username. Included in the More tab is:


  1. Settings
  2. Help & Feedback
  3. Features
  4. Email Rush
  5. Station Finder


The Settings will give you options for you to change the text size for articles, auto-play videos on startup, use cellular data for streaming, open audio in full screen, and enable notification.
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